ST Eliminators

Diamond ST Eliminators

 ST Long & Short Beds

Eliminator ST  1 & 1-1/2 Ton

****All  Eliminator Bodies Come With These Features****

  1. Double open top lids on both sides - for more flexible access & activity.
  2. Deep and wide visible trays for easier maneuverability of parts and tools.
  3. Positive T-handle twist locks, same as side doors
  4. Extra deep compartment on all single wheel truck bodies.
  5. Heavy duty 12 gauge diamond plate floor structure.
  6. Small wheel well area to allow greater space in vertical compartments.
  7. Double door for easy access in narrow throughways.
  8. Corrosion resistant Galvanel steel.
  9. Under seal on underside of body.

Drawer installation available in any compartment. Size from 2", 3",4 depth. Our drawers are mounted on ball bearing slides for smooth operation.

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